Before there were web sites, before there were blogs, before there were online ads … those who needed a mediator talked to their friends and colleagues and developed a short list of mostly retired judges who might (or might not) work hard to help parties settle their business disputes. These days, you have the power of the Internet to augment that effort, help you discover exceptional mediators, and examine their qualifications in so much more detail.

Rande Sotomayor, a business litigator and legal counselor for 30+ years with a top-level mediation practice, has risen to be one of the true specialty practitioners available to those embroiled in business disputes, disagreements, and conflicts. Attorneys and parties who are facing intractable, unrealistic, difficult, dismissive or belligerent personalities will be relieved to know that Rande expertly handles these seemingly impossible conflicts.


– These days, more and more businesses are drafting contracts that require the parties to mediate before filing any action on the contract dispute. Business leaders have declared that mediation is the preferred form of dispute resolution, and “mediate first” contract clauses can lead to valuable early pre-litigation conflict resolution.


– On the cutting edge are businesses whose management and staff hire Rande to help them tackle conflicts that undermine direction and success, not to mention employee productivity. Rande works with them to uncover the sources of chronic conflict and facilitate the hard conversations they typically avoid. They enthusiastically report that this conflict resolution consulting improves communication to drastically reduce business disagreements and disputes.


– It may surprise some clients to learn that court proceedings are not always the fairest resolution of a dispute. The law and the courts charged with upholding and applying it can be very black and white. Most of life’s predicaments are solved in the gray zone. These situations, whether they are complex multiparty disputes or seemingly simple but aggravating and costly problems, need a thoughtful and fair resolution process that may explore answers none in the group had contemplated.

Defusing high emotion, Rande will assist attorneys and their clients in finding a dispute resolution that will be acceptable to all and do it in the most efficient manner possible. This saves time and money … sometimes sanity. Experienced, perceptive, and tenacious, Rande is a top Los Angeles mediator who can get the job done.

Rande Sotomayor answers some typical questions:

What is mediation? I want my day in court! Why should I mediate? Lawyers, Confidentiality, Savings & Closure in Mediation
"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for clearly taking a personal interest in the challenges that my partner and I had with our roles and responsibilities at [our company]. Your patience and dedication in finding a peaceful solution to our situation has dramatically increased the quality of life for [my partner], myself, and our employees. Our team now has a much clearer direction and sense of security thanks to you. I also wanted to mention we have been able to almost double our monthly sales ... due to the whole team being on board with a clear objective. So again I cannot thank you enough." -- CEO, Computer Integration and Service Company