Rande Sotomayor, a business litigator and legal counselor for 30+ years with a top-level mediation practice, has risen to be one of the true specialty practitioners available to those embroiled in business disputes, disagreements, and conflicts. Attorneys and parties who are facing intractable, unrealistic, difficult, dismissive or belligerent personalities will be relieved to know that Rande expertly handles these seemingly impossible conflicts.

Defusing high emotion, Rande will assist attorneys and their clients in finding a dispute resolution that will be acceptable to all and do it in the most efficient manner possible. This saves time and money … sometimes sanity. Experienced, perceptive, and tenacious, Rande is a top Los Angeles mediator who can get the job done.

A Strategy for Our Future

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Rande Sotomayor answers some typical questions:

What is mediation?
I want my day in court! Why should I mediate?
Lawyers, Confidentiality, Savings & Closure in Mediation
Rande "‘is exceptionally committed to striking a balance between opposing parties,’ as demonstrated by ‘her refusal to act as anyone’s cheerleader, her ability nonetheless to build positive relationships with all sides, and her dedication to following up until a resolution has been reached.’” She “is more interested in her craft than her own ego.”

--Mach, Jessica, Not a Cheerleader, LOS ANGELES DAILY JOURNAL, April 10, 2020.